McGehee Davis and Associates believes that there’s more to a tax preparation company than just doing your taxes. As Denver’s Best tax preparation company we feel it is our responsibility to keep you informed on what’s happening with taxes locally,  in state and federally. We know that each year there are changes to tax laws and changes to regulations and deductions that may or may not effect your tax liability or situation.

We also know that the business financial environment changes and we feel we need to keep our clients aware of business opportunities and situations that may assist in building their business or lively hood. McGhee Davis and Associates also realizes that not everything in a business relationship has to be “all business” but some levity and a little touch of family values makes for a more well rounded relationship.

Because of these values and reasons we’ve decided to produce some videos to help explain some tax and business items as well as a newsletter, where we can give you the lowdown on what’s happening with our business and our people beyond the numbers. 

We’re not a suit and tie kind of company and we want our clients to know what the culture here at McGehee Davis and Associates is all about.

So for these reasons we want you to check out our video’s or download one of our newsletters and get to know us a little. 

And drop us a line if there’s something we can answer for you, or if you have  a topic you’d like us to do a video on, or even just to tell us a little story about you or your company. We’d love to hear from you.

Remember Denver’s Best Tax preparation company, McGehee Davis and Associates is all about serving you and your needs.