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The eerie rustling of the leaves at night, scary movies dominate television, shots of sugar delivered in bite sized packages, fall festivals at local schools, adult parties featuring cosplay, and of course it’s the month of supernatural things. Halloween is quickly becoming America’s second most active holiday, next to Christmas. As I drive home at night, I notice an increasing number of houses with outside lights and displays, which I didn’t see on Presidents Day or Memorial Day. As I walked through a park this afternoon, I couldn’t help but revel in the moment of the season. The fall trees are peaking like a fireworks display; and as the sun starts to burn the clouds above the mountains, I have the sensation something is watching me. You know that feeling you get walking at night in the fall when you have that uncomfortable feeling of heightened alertness? In that moment of realization I was starting to feel like a stunt double in a Friday the 13th movie. It occurred to me the popularity of Halloween has many perspectives, unlike most holidays that have a specific purpose and consensus among the public about a particular holiday’s meaning. Halloween is celebrated by many, but for different reasons. MDA is a great example of the differing perspectives of Halloween.

Halloween isn’t just an ordinary holiday at MDA Taxes; it is a special time of year that begins before even October. The anticipation among MDA staff will rival the most anxious child on Christmas Eve; it is as if the Halloween displays are fighting to break free from their containers before the smoke has cleared on Labor Day weekend. Labor Day? It’s an okay holiday, Federal and all, plus you get an extra day off; but hey, Halloween, now there is a holiday that you can enjoy for a full month. When was the last time you saw a Labor Day display glowing in a front yard in early August? I think the main reason Halloween is so special to MDA is its unique meaning to each employee. Anna, our head of payroll and sales tax, is drawn to the darker side of Halloween. It’s not only the one time of the year you can feel normal for being interested in death and ghosts, it’s the Casa Boita all you can eat for spirit fans. The increase in scary and spirit related shows and videos would fill up hard drives the size of John Elway’s trophy case.  If you like to watch shows of real life spooky things, then set your DVR to record in the month of October and relax and then sit back and enjoy watching the rest of the year. 

Stephanie, the first voice you hear at MDA and the last person you talk to when picking up your tax return, enjoys the playfulness and community of the holiday. Street after street filled with kids walking around, kicking leaves, and buzzing on sugar, wait for it …. dressed up in costumes. What? Tell me the last time you went to a party that good.  Steph enjoys people, that’s why she is so good at her job as Customer Service Manager. But Steph enjoys people who are enjoying themselves the most.  It’s not so much that there is a surge in energy this time of year; it’s the overwhelming positivity and playfulness of that energy that gives Steph that internal smile and joy this time of year. And Steph certainly organizes and guarantees there will be a steady supply of all the Halloween ‘fixins’ around the office throughout October. Just check out these pictures 

And lastly for Jenifer, MDA Taxes’ accountant in charge of accounting and bookkeeping, Halloween holds the most special meaning of all. Witchcraft has been a sacred practice since before humans developed cities. Jenifer understands and has researched the evolution of witchcraft as it has been depicted in literature, television and movies, and history. The religion of witchcraft holds Saimhain as an elevated time of the year. Those who follow it respect the importance of Saimhain as not only a reminder of misunderstood beliefs but a powerful time of year to re-channel energy, recharge, and cast spells of protection from the coming winter. Jenifer embraces the costumes and spooky stories as a nature conservationist would chuckle at a tourist who came to see the worlds oldest tree because they heard the nachos were good.  

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  1. Jennifer Hime says:

    Wow – had no idea you all were as ‘in’ to Halloween as I am! My husband & I begin our ‘horror movie marathon’ in September – watching throughout September & October – and keep track of all the Blu Rays & DVD’s we watch from our massive collection each year…this year we totaled 57 flicks, ranging in years from 1932 (The Old Dark House) to 2019 (Midsommer)! I wear a Sweatshirt with the words “Horror Movies & Chill” emblazoned across it, and we huddle under blankets printed with “This is My Horror Movie Watching Blanket” with pics of some of our favorite characters – from Jason & Freddy Kruger to Pennywise and Michael Myers. Glad to know we’re not alone in our love (obsession?) of this special holiday!

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