Here is a list of some great improvements we have made at McGehee Davis Associates

  1. New Website with Client Portal
  2. More emphasis on customer service and client resources
  3. Redesigned system that is customer focused
  4. Newsletter:   Make sure we have your current email.
  5. More client resources available on website

New Website with Client Portal

We are so proud of all the improvements and new resources added to our website. We have made so many changes that is fair to call it a new website. In addition to adding more pictures of the MDA Taxes family, we have added a page listing some of our clients with links to their websites. We’ve added a list of opportunities with the firm and increased the number of links to IRS and tax related topics and websites.  We are also very proud to announce a new online client portal right on the home page of our website. Simply click on the link to client portal and an email will be set to help you set it up the first time. The setup will allow you to choose your own password.  Your data is saved safely online in a securely encrypted storage file. You can upload your documents directly into the online portal and we will be able to see them from there. The online upload will save you time in dropping off your documents. The biggest plus of an online portal is that your income tax returns, W2s and 1099s will be saved and available to you at any time. How easy does that make the next house refinance?

  1. More Emphasis on customer service and client resources

MDA has spent a lot of our focus this year on what we can do better for the client. Communication, Communication, Communication. MDA taxes now has a monthly newsletter to alert our clients to upcoming deadlines and future dates to remember. We are composing more informational emails to our clients in 2022. We have added an additional staff to the front office to provide more people to answer your phone calls and emails.  And if you become frustrated with a response, someone taking your call will book a quick phone appointment so you won’t have to wonder when an accountant will call you back.

  3. Re-designed system that is Customer Focused.    Drop off first – meet later

This year we ask that returning clients please wait until after we have received your information     to meet with James or John. In order to better secure your documents and prepare your return more efficiently we ask that you wait to meet with James or John until after we have had a chance to make sure all of your documents are scanned and saved electronically, and the income tax return has been prepared and reviewed for errors. Having a reviewed tax return in front of them with notes will make their meeting with you far more effective and greatly decrease the risk of misunderstanding. Any questions you may have at that time will have a faster more accurate answer. Our staff is still very happy to book that appointment at the time you drop off your taxes: the appointment will be for a week or so later. If there are notes that cannot be written down a short phone meeting can be scheduled to quickly discuss any major changes or developments necessary prior to the return. We believe you will find this new system more responsive and organized.

  1. Drop off tax materials make future appointment to discuss, if necessary.
  2. Tax materials can be uploaded through secure client online portal – ask for an invite email to setup.
  3. Client Organizers are available to assist with organizing your tax materials for preparing your income tax return.
    • Client organizers can be uploaded to secure client online portal for review or print
    • Client organizers can be sent through secure email
    • Client organizers can be mailed.
  4. Call 303-421-0220 or email [email protected]  for an appointment or more assistance. THANK YOU
  1. Newsletter

To upgrade our communication and value to our clients MDA Taxes began a monthly newsletter. The newsletter highlights upcoming deadlines and events and provides some interesting articles taking a deeper dive into accounting and tax related topics. Sometimes the blogs can be surprisingly funny.

  1. More client resources available on the website.

Clients ask many of the same questions. We have not only updated our FAQ section of our website (check it out) we have added more links to guide clients to the website for the requested action. Please give us feedback if there are questions you have not already listed on the website.  MDA Taxes is working towards providing an online space clients can go to answer questions and get links to topics and guides to help them find more success in growing their incomes.