Happy Thanksgiving

This year we had a lot to give thanks for…

For most 9 to 5 working Americans, Thanksgiving is the second-best holiday. Due to our country’s addiction to capitalism, most employers recognize the day after Thanksgiving as a day off. So, for most standard 40 hour a week workers Thanksgiving is a rare 4-day weekend, which explains its popularity. The rituals we embrace in celebration line up with the core purpose of the holiday: Thanksgiving Holiday is to celebrate the bounty and surplus of the harvest. And wow, can the US of A celebrate excess. People across the country on Thanksgiving are overeating, over shopping, over napping, overindulging on football on TV, and overwhelmed by Christmas movies. It’s awesome how the plot of a Christmas movie is carefully crafted so 3 years removed it can be recycled as new. I watched 3 new (old) Christmas movies just this past weekend.  We celebrate the holiday with excess; but we honor the holiday with thankfulness.  We gather with friends and family and reflect on what we are most thankful. (Usually, the friends and family we have fought angry motorists and TSA workers to be with).  

Thanksgiving of 2021 is more important to many because it marks a return to some normal and re discovered sense of thankfulness. Thanksgiving last year was a swirl of lockdowns, mask mandates, concern for loved ones, and travel bans. Most people last year were too busy trying to better understand the impact this pandemic was having on their families. Most people last year were unable to assemble with all their family members. At least we had football on TV and Christmas movies, even if more re-runs than usual. So, the first thing to be thankful for this year is easy: having the world in a better place so that we can all collectively go back to being more thankful than fearful.

McGehee Davis and Associates had a good year of servicing our small business and individual clients. The staff at MDA worked to retrain our focus on our clients. Every office meeting this year at MDA has started with the emphasis on how we can get better and providing more accessible and responsive service to our clients. So, my biggest thanks for Thanksgiving this year is for our clients that continue to give us their trust and confidence.  I am most thankful for the grace our clients show us when we make mistakes. It’s through the grace of their customers that most businesses can pursue perfection through, at times, imperfect performance.

Also, to get to know more of the MDA staff that serves you here are some of our staff’s “Thanks” for the holidays.

Steph –

I’m grateful for our little family at MDA; as well as all the clients. Some of them have truly helped me grow in ways I can’t find the words to express. I’m grateful for the moments I get to spend with my favorite furry and feathered critters. I’m beyond blessed for my abilities to help others whether their human or animal. 

Jen –

I am always thankful for my family and friends. I am very thankful that I am at a place where I can help small business grow bigger. I enjoy helping individuals get more dollars back by having a team behind them like the wealthier people do. I’m also grateful that I have a job that feels like a home and a family not just a paycheck.

Anna –

I am thankful for my family and that I’m healthy. I’m also very thankful for our client’s loyalty and patience throughout the years together.

James –

I am thankful for my wife and family. I’m also grateful for my family here at the office. I’m thankful for my ability to serve our clients.